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UAV Thermography for Solar PV – invaluable data.

UAV thermal inspection of Solar PV displays almost all you need to know as to the health of your solar asset.

A site that has been 100% thermally inspected can reveal all kinds of information from Inverter / string outages or reversed polarity, down to sub-module faults such as string diodes, hotspots, Junction box failures or potential induced degradation.

IR Testing solar panels by hand is extremely laborious, and also difficult to get the correct angle of attack on the imaging device. For this reason thermography tends to be applied by taking a small sample of the site. How can this be acceptable, when for a similar cost you can have the entire site inspected?

The data is extremely useful to management of all the different aspects of solar life cycle. The service pays for itself many times over, not just on helping to reduce lost yield but also aiding better decisions across the board.

To produce meaningful and accurate results a thorough knowledge of PV, Thermography and UAV’s is most important. The equipment and software are just as vital, followed closely by the workflow, data collection, processing and reporting. All works must adhere to the IEC standards.

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