Thermal imaging

UAV Thermal Imaging

UAV Thermal Imaging

Thermal inspection consists of Thermography or thermal imaging which is the study of heat distribution. This allows you to visually detect faults or losses, which may otherwise go undetected.  By catching faults early you can prevent problems from developing into serious issues . A UAV or drone mounted camera for thermal imaging is used in a large variety of thermal inspections such as:

  • Electricity distribution
  • Wildlife preservation – spotting animals before harvesting
  • Building insulation performance,heat loss and Flat roof leaks
  • Security, search and rescue
  • Firefighting
  • Agriculture
  • Solar PV systems and Wind turbines

Buildings are inspected late at night or early in the morning to ensure the temperature difference is greatest. The results can show thermal bridging, heat loss, water ingress and flat roof leaks, inadequate or missing insulation, damp, leaking pipes and much more. This information would be highly beneficial when negotiating the purchase of a property for example.

Electricity distribution has been traditionally surveyed using thermography for many years. High resistance electrical connections or overloading are easily detected. Should a high voltage connection fail the potential for damage and disturbance is very high. A UAV or drone can undertake the thermal inspection at a fraction of the cost of a helicopter.

Agriculture uses for thermal imaging are vast and cover the whole of the ecology life cycle.  Germinating seeds, irrigation levels, disease detection, yield estimates as well as the ripeness of fruit are all detectable with the use of an accurate thermal imager. This valuable data will increase productivity and efficiency of a farm and give a considerable return on investment.


In Summary, a UAV or Drone mounted thermal camera is an extremely impressive tool, but the results will only be as good as the operator and equipment. We use the latest UAV tech to carry a highly professional, sensitive and accurate thermal camera. You can be sure your reports will be comprehensive as we are also ITC trained for thermography. If you are looking to rent or hire a thermal imager and drone then contact us today. We service majority of the south UK – Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire, West Sussex, Devon, Somerset, Berkshire and Surrey.


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