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Small Farm, Big problems

1.85MW,  284 Anomalies, 3.84% of system

1Shattered Front Glass
104Blown Bypass Diodes
2Open Circuit Strings
73Snail Trails
49Soiling and Shading from foliage
Summary of Anomalies

This 1.85MW PV System is relatively small but contained a very significant amount of findings which will undoubtedly be having a detrimental effect on the performance of the system.

Shattered glass destroys the module and is a safety issue because of exposed live electrical components. The 104 blown bypass diodes will be costing the asset owner an estimated 1% in lost yield every year.

‘Snail Trails’ are often indicative of cracked PV cells which cause further losses to be compounded over the life of the system. Additionally, as this could be regarded as a warranty issue with the manufacturer, discovering these latent defects early is imperative.

This inspection:

  • was completed within just a few days
  • did not require the system to be shut down
  • discovered faults which are often missed using manual methods
  • reported the exact location of any affected modules
  • saved 100’s of man hours
  • increased efficiency
  • decreased downtime.

Watch a video showing the inspection and types of faults , then contact us for more information.