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Who should be responsible for Solar PV Thermography testing?

Traditionally Solar PV Thermography testing has been within the remit of the O&M (Operations&Maintenance) department. Testing the modules manually is very laborious so a pre-agreed percentage, of 20% for example, would be arbitrarily tested.

Nowadays, with the advent of aerial based thermography testing (by UAV), 100% of the asset is inspected.  After such an inspection any physical defects are very prominent and the entire sites overall health is quickly plain to see.

Asset managers/owners do not always have their own ‘in house’ O&M teams and may employ a number of contractors. A comprehensive thermography report offers not only a clear insight into the status of the assets, but to some extent the performance of O&M departments as well.

With this in mind, and considering the vast range of aerial thermography methods and deliverables, it could be argued that it should be the responsibility of the Asset manager/owner to agree a standardised specification and directly contract the thermography testing for all of their portfolio.

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