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Over 15% of the system offline.

A Thermal inspection of this small 1.18MWp system revealed some of the usual culprits (blown/activated diodes, smashed front glass etc) as well as something that was a bit more out of the ordinary.

Thermal image showing unusual anomalies in the PV system

Very quickly we discovered anomalies such as the above image, which at first glance look like the PV modules are very unhappy. We also observed:

  • affected modules were in aligned with the string layout
  • each of the 3 strings fed into the same inverter
  • the formation of similar patterns

Rather than being a problem with the modules themselves it was apparent that this was a symptom of something else further upstream and we were able to advise which inverters needed checking.

10 Inverters were offline at the time of inspection, which when considered with the diodes equates to over 15% of the system not generating! This represents an extremely good ROI for the cost of the inspection.

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