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It’s not worth the risk

UAV’s and drones are massively popular already and their use is exploding.

Professionals undertake intensive training and know what they can and cant do, but consumers and hobbyists may be able to buy a drone and not be informed of the regulations, some of which are law and all of which are for peoples safety.

In a nutshell, you must NOT fly within 50 meters of a person without their consent – and that generally includes overhead – and you should not go any higher than 400 feet (120m)

There is always more to think about and check for your area of the country. For example, Bournemouth beach is within the airports airspace and should be notified if you intend to fly there, and nearby Hengistbury Head is protected by local byelaws and is a no fly zone in order to protect all the wildlife, so be sure to do your homework before you start.

You are in control of the drone and you will be responsible if it causes damage or harm. Please flysafe.

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