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Even the smallest type of inspection can comprise of dozens of images from various positions and angles. Trying to navigate through these manually quickly becomes difficult and disorientating.

Scopito is a purpose built platform designed to simplify even the most complex inspections. It allows you to store, analyse and share large datasets and multiple inspections effortlessly.

Because the platform is cloud based, inspections are democratised and readily available to clients, subcontractors and other professionals from anywhere and at any time.

All the data is logically organised, quickly accessible and each image is able to be magnified freely and smoothly.

Annotations feature a high degree of automation and shortcuts and are childsplay to create.

At any point a pdf report can be tailored to the users specification and instantly generated as and when necessary. The pdf reports also contain hyperlinks to take the readers to where the image was captured via google earth, as well as back to the exact annotation within the platform.

Futurewise Aerial are partnered with Scopito and can facilitate custom deals and pricing. Get in touch to find out more.

Embedded below is an inspection. Follow these simple steps:

  • Zoom into the bridge and click on a yellow marker
  • Press T then press H
  • Click on the annotation and zoom in for an even closer look
  • Click on generate report and scroll through. Simple!

Short Demonstration Video

From upload to report in under 2 minutes!


Please leave as much details as you can. We will issue you a guide proposal and an idea of feasibility.


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