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Professional aerial surveying, mapping, inspection, thermal inspection and 3D modelling

Of Course! We hold the Permission for Aerial Work (PfAW) from the CAA, run all the relevant site surveys, risk assessments and permissions and hold £5m insurance cover. Anything less is not worth the risk. We have also been flying for many years.

Firstly there are the basic limitations as per the CAA regulations which are:

150m away from a congested or built up area without CAA approval.

50m away from a person or property not under your control or without their permission (30m for take off and landing).

Max 400’/120m height and 500m away whilst maintaining line of sight.

We are fully qualified to fly at night.

We cant do rain or gale force wind so may have to reschedule. Flying in London requires extra planning time, costs and cant be guaranteed.

The aircraft will generally fly for 20 minutes per battery depending on the task (We have many batteries!) and can reach speeds of 50mph (for all those chase sequences) and can also fly indoors if the conditions are suitable.

After saying all of the above, it is very rare the desired result can’t be achieved – particularly with careful planning and preparation.

The aircraft themselves are designed to operate over and above the CAA limits, but in the rare occurrence of transmission loss they automatically return to home and land.

The Aircraft and batteries are well maintained and flown in strict accordance to the rules and regulations. Risk assessments, surveys and briefings are carried out and flights planned to avoid risk as far as reasonably practicable.

We will not fly over large crowds of people for example and will ensure the safety of everyone as top priority.

We can price by the day, half day or hour to ensure that we are able to offer the perfect package for all your needs and are fully equipped to travel, including overseas when required.

Prices start at £200 for half a day on site.

In the case of filming and photography you can view the images live via the HD downlink to the transmitters, and for all other applications (mapping, 360 panorama etc) we will send you a sample for your prior approval.

1. Make your enquiry to us giving us the location, idea of what you need and when plus confirmation we can obtain the landowners permission. We will then look to see if the project is feasible and give you a quotation.

2. We will carry out all the necessary pre-flight safety surveys of the proposed areas and prepare all the necessary equipment and resources for the job. If CAA permissions are required then allow extra time.

3. Once on site we will re-assess our surveys and risk assessments and amend. After all safety equipment is ready, pre-flight briefings and checks are complete then we will proceed with the task.

4. Once completed we will show you a sample of what has been captured for your approval after which we deliver you all the data files.


“The service and data delivered to us by Futurewise Aerial was top class. The findings saved us loads of time and lost efficiency, thanks.”

Ryan McShea – Empower Energy Ltd