Solar PV Inspections.

An invaluable use of thermal inspection by UAV / drone, is for the surveying of Solar PV (Photovoltaic) systems. Latent defects within solar modules develop and remain undiscovered for years, with just the use of traditional testing methods. This results in vast amounts of lost energy and money.

When you commission an aerial inspection large areas of the system are assessed during optimum conditions. This enables faults to be easily highlighted. We have experience and knowledge of Solar PV as Futurewise Energy . Combine this with our certification in thermal imaging, we are expertly qualified to ensure that your reports are meaningful and any issues are correctly identified.


The Process



Thermal imaging provides a plethora of information to the trained eye.

The 1st part of our process is to carefully analyse every thermal anomaly in the captured data.

The results are categorised into groups based on their severity and urgency. For example, a single hot spot that was caused by some soiling (i.e Birds Mess) will be tagged as such and these types of results can be quickly filtered to leave more serious faults highlighted.




Capturing and analysing the results will be of limited use, without knowing the location of the fault.

Our process has a robust system to ensure any faulty modules are clearly marked with their precise location.

This means that operatives can return to site to attend to any remedial works, confident in the knowledge they are working on the correct module.

Report and Delivery

Report and Delivery

Amalgamating all the data is a big challenge.

Our service includes a full pdf report and access to all the data via a tailored interactive portal. This has specific functions and filters to help you quickly review any data you require. 

You have access to ALL the RAW and Radiometric data for peace of mind or further independent analysis. This can be useful if a department wanted to take an image and work with it further in a 3rd party application such as ThermoFormat or Flir Tools for example.


Speed is important so that any faults that have been found can be rectified quickly. Our Simplified Solar Inspection Service guarantees delivery within just 7 DAYS. Contact us today for a professional, detailed and quick inspection of your Solar assets.



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