Consultancy and Training

100% thermography by drone produces such insightful and valuable results that I strongly believe it will become the standard within the next few years. Asset owners will demand to see the true health of their solar farm and I can envisage a time when this service will be as commonplace as cutting the grass or cleaning the modules. I recognise that to get to that point companies are going to have to invest wisely.

I am thermography qualified with a strong grounding in Solar PV and have  been focused on thermal inspections by drone for the last 3 years . In that time, I have invested a significant amount of time to developing the best workflows.

I offer a consultancy and training service to help others to fast track to a successful solar surveying solution and avoid the intrinsic wasted time and frustration. I can help you whether you are already a qualified CAA UAV pilot looking to expand your skillset or a renewables business looking to add a drone service offering.


With a mixture of classroom tuition and outdoor practical training and demonstrations, we can cover any of the following

  • Basic thermography
  • Recommended equipment and best settings
  • Types and methods of data collection
  • Planning accurate flights – height, speed and length of flights. How to plan flight routes when the solar farm doesn’t appear on satellite imagery etc
  • Preparation in the field, pre-flight and data collection workflows
  • Post processing workflows and techniques
  • Reporting

If you have a solar farm that requires an inspection, then our training session could be hosted there, and you could have useable results from day 1!

Please do get in touch today to discuss your requirements,

Thank you,

Malcolm Davidge


Please leave as much details as you can. We will issue you a guide proposal and an idea of feasibility.


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